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Liz Bywater, PhD

March 2012

Three Reasons You Need a Coach

Not so long ago, working with an executive coach meant you were in trouble. Maybe your boss felt that your performance was slipping - badly. Or perhaps you were just becoming a royal pain to everyone around you. The company brought in a coach to save you from pending derailment. It may have been a "last resort" before presenting you with a formal Performance Improvement Plan - or simply saying goodbye.

While coaching remains a valuable tool for helping those who've hit a bump in the road, it's become so much more than that. In fact, the best coaching investment any organization can make is in accelerating the growth of its top performers. A company is only as strong as its leadership and true leaders know that learning is a lifelong endeavor.

Today's high performing leaders call upon a great executive coach to help them…

1. Embrace a challenge. Like most high achievers, too much time doing the same thing leaves you feeling antsy, ready to pursue the next opportunity… but you're not entirely sure where to go next or how to get there. It's the ideal time to seek guidance in exploring the options, evaluating your career goals and aspirations and crafting a plan to get you to the next level.

2. Realize a vision. You recognize that your team can do more and be more than they are today... and you need to sort out how to help them transform themselves. Today they are a collection of talented, high-performing individuals. But you need a whole-greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts, high performance team. It's time to address key issues of talent selection, development and retention. What's more, you've got to help your group improve communication, collaboration, role clarification and overall accountability. And, like so many of today's leaders, you've got to work out how to do more with less. A savvy coach can be an invaluable partner in sorting through these essential and often complex challenges.

3. Ensure success. You're excited about moving into a new role and you want to hit the ground running. You're well aware that over 40% of senior executives fail in their first year in a new leadership role… and you're determined to exceed expectations. In order to quickly gain credibility and achieve some early wins, you’ll need a rapid education about just what you're getting into. What's the relevant history here? Who else wanted the role… but didn't get it? Who or what could derail you right out of the gate? Such vital information can be hard for a new leader to come by. Here's where you turn to your coach. A great onboarding by an experienced coach can make all the difference.

Don't wait for trouble to brew before you think about engaging a coach. Today's top leaders use coaching to meet the challenges of the day, manage key transitions, realize their vision and meet with ever-greater success. Shouldn't you?

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