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June 2009

Spotlight on Leadership: How to Achieve Exceptional Team Performance (Part Two)

In today's turbulent times, it's more important than ever to get people aligned and working together. Individual workers are under ever-increasing pressure - and the demand for results is tremendous. If ever there were a time for teamwork, the time is now.

The best leaders help their people to work effectively, in concert, to achieve what no individual can accomplish on his own. The following strategies will help you guide your team to unparalleled collective performance:

Provide structure. Assign roles, tasks, and projects so that each member makes a meaningful and important contribution to reaching the team's goals and objectives. Delegate appropriately, always playing to the strengths of individual team members.

Provide context. Help your team understand the importance of their work and the ways in which their contributions impact the company as a whole. The truth is, it's not unusual for individual teams and departments to feel isolated from one another and from the larger organization. Help them see where they fit into the Big Picture. They just may surprise you with an increase in motivation, creativity, and dedication to meeting the company's goals.

Provide good management. This one calls for some flexibility, as each team has specific needs and preferences around being managed. You'll find that some teams prefer to be told the desired outcome and given plenty of latitude in achieving it. Others will want more detail and guidance. Similarly, each member of your team should be managed according to his or her individual needs.

Provide motivation. No matter how dedicated your team may be to you or your organization, they still need ongoing motivation to keep doing great work. Think about creative ways to reward your people for outstanding performance. When budget constraints limit financial bonuses, why not provide a nice lunch with the boss, a Starbucks gift card, or a simple note of thanks for a job well done? These modest expressions of appreciation can serve as powerful motivators. They also help people feel good about their jobs, their boss, and their company -important stuff for enhancing morale, engagement, retention, and productivity.

Provide communication. Talk to your team about what's happening within the company and within your department. Offer genuine reassurance where you can. Keep them apprised of opportunities to be leveraged as well as challenges to be met. And remember the most important aspect of communicating with your team: listening to what they have to say. Ask for their input, their feedback and their ideas. Allow them to share their frustrations and their concerns - without fear of reprisal. Let them know that you have an open door and invite them to use it.

Leading a team can be both the most demanding and the most rewarding work you'll ever do. Use the techniques listed above and lead your team to remarkable achievements. It's good for you, good for them, and good for the company.

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