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Now more than ever, a growing number of business owners, professionals, and corporate executives are discovering the benefits of working with a coach. Whether top performers looking to accelerate their progress, entrepreneurs navigating the rugged terrain of self-employment, or new managers learning the interpersonal complexities of their work, smart business people are reaching the same conclusion. Coaching fuels success.

Mentoring fuels success.What Can I Expect from Coaching?

Coaching is an interactive process that helps you recognize and reach your full potential, work more effectively with others, and become your own best advocate. Here are just a few of the substantial benefits you can expect:

More effective strategies for working with customers, clients, peers, supervisors and direct reports.


A view of yourself as others see you — to help you leverage your strengths and minimize areas of weakness.


Dramatically improved workplace communication skills.


Greater satisfaction from work.


Improved balance between work and home life.


Discovery of untapped skills and talents — so you can make full use of them.


Markedly improved business and career path decisions.


Rapid acceleration in leadership skills development.


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Liz Bywater, Ph

No two coaches are alike. Choose wisely.

It's a savvy move to invest in a coach. Finding a coach is easy; selecting one with the skills, background, and personality that's right for you is another matter. At a minimum, you should expect the following qualifications from your coach:

Able to quickly establish rapport and develop a trusting, positive relationship.


An effective communicator.


Unafraid to confront you with constructive feedback.


Approachable and available.


Has a sophisticated understanding of people and relationships.


Respects the sensitive and confidential nature of the coaching relationship.


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Select the program that suits your needs. And your budget.

At Bywater Consulting Group, we offer several coaching options to help you reach your goals. Our remote programs allow you to benefit from Liz's expertise in career effectiveness from the convenience of your own home or office. Our offerings vary in length and intensity but never in quality!

Whichever package you choose, you will always work directly with Liz Bywater, PhD. Not sure which program is right for you? Call us at 800.846.4546. Together we'll determine the level that best meets your needs.

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A Targeted Approach.

Targeted Coaching is designed as an introduction to the coaching process. It is also well suited to addressing a specific question or concern in a concise and cost-effective manner.

This is a one-week program. It includes up to one hour of phone time and unlimited emails for 5 consecutive business days.

Quick Start Coaching can be used as a focused, stand-alone coaching program. Or, use it to brainstorm with Liz on a pressing issue or concern.

This is a more intensive one-month program. It includes up to one phone call per week (maximum of 4 calls) and unlimited emails for 30 days.

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High impact coaching. Results that last.

Our three- and six-month coaching programs are more comprehensive and can be tailored to include in-person meetings and web-enabled testing. This may include an assessment of work style, leadership traits, career inclinations and preferences, etc.

High Impact Coaching is our most popular coaching program. Provides plenty of time to talk with Liz, discover your strengths and vulnerabilities, explore opportunities and challenges, and set an action-focused development plan in motion.

Includes three months of coaching with Liz. Up to one hour per week of phone time and unlimited email. Assessments may be incorporated to accelerate your progress.

Premier Coaching is our maximum impact private coaching program. With six full months of coaching, you'll be able to develop an action-based development plan and see it through. All the while, Liz will be helping you harness your strengths, enhance your effectiveness, and meet with maximum success.

Includes six months of coaching. Up to one hour per week of phone time and unlimited e-mail.

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Take your skill set to the next level.

Join the ranks of truly outstanding performers — those successful individuals who reach the top of their game through world-class feedback and direction. After all, with the right coach, there's no limit to the level of success you can achieve.

For more information on coaching or other programs, contact Bywater Consulting Group at or call 1.800.846.4546. Get the competitive advantage you deserve today!


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